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WebMail Failing
~Juan Chuboosimarakoi 02/26/2007 04:11 PM
Domino Web Access 6.5 Windows 2003


We have Domino installed over a Server Win2003 and we all use webmail as default access to check our accounts.

I have this account some years ago and always has worked fine. Last week I bought a new laptop, Windows Vista Business, Internet Explorer 7, Java 6 and now this is happening:

When I try to reply an email and/or create a new email the part where Im supposed to type the body of the message is not an editable part. I mean...just appear a red cross and its not loading the editable section. At the top is appearing I need to install a ActiveX IBM addon in order to continue..I accept the instalation but the system stay there for hours and dont install anything...

Im able to view whats is already wrote in the body message but im unable to write a reply.

As solutions Ive tried:

1. Ive installed all updates for Windows and IE7
2. Ive reinstalled Java6 2 times.

Anyone have an idea whats going on with my settings?

PD: Ive accessed my account since my former Laptop (WindowsXP, IE7, Java6) and everything is working fine..

Thanks for your help

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